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       Established in 2002, Shenzhen Meiya has gone through more than one decade till now. It has become a qualified agent and distribution enterprises for electron component. Our company is equipped with primary source of agent platform and a mass of spot stocks which can provide one-stop quick delivery service for extensive OEM and ODM electronics manufacturing enterprise. The product are widely used in fields such as intelligent home appliances, industrial control, medical equipment, security and monitoring, wired and wireless communications equipment, digital consumer electronics, automotive electronics, transport of things, aerospace / military and so on.

       Our company always adheres to the business philosophy of “Honesty Goes First”, advocates the idea of humanized business administration and emphasis on the team concept of “unity and progress”. We never lost trust from our upstream suppliers and downstream customers. The work principle for the company is being realistic and innovative, fully integrating enterprise resources, training elite team and providing more efficient and professional career learning and adaptability to changes. We aims at meeting customers’ differentiated demand and in the meantime reducing customers’ production costs and providing the most satisfactory customer service.

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MP05983Golledge 25.0MHz GXO-7531/B SM Oscillator 3.3V 3000 3000
MA01053Golledge 25.0MHz GXO-7531/B SM Oscillator 3.3V 5000 5000
MA09052Golledge MA09052 10.0MHz GTXO-83V/FS SM VC-TCXO 1000 1000
MA07246Golledge 16.0MHz GSX-323/112NF SM Crystal 9pF 6000 6000
MA07466Golledge 1575.420MHz GSRF TA0440A SAW Filter 1000 1000
OCETELJTNF--125MHZTAITIEN 3.3V 5070 125.0MHZ ±30PPM 10000 1000
09327-T-003-3(TXEACCSANF)TAITIEN 40.000000 SMD VTCXO 3.2*2.5MM 40MHZ 2PPM 10000 3000
09327-X-019-3(XJGEEINANF-12MHZ)TAITIEN HC49S 12MHZ 18PF 30PPM SMD 10000 3000
FXP840.07.0055Btaoglas 14*5.4*0.15mm 2.4/Ghz Flex Micro PCB Antenna 55mm 0.81 IPEX MHFI(U.FL comp) 10000 1000
KK3800001PSE 3.2*2.5 0.038000MHZ SMD SEAM KHZ CXO 10000 6000
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